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Welcome to OPES

Business Consultancy & Compliance

Opes is a business consultancy and compliance firm offering solutions to all business related challenges faced by both start-up entrepreneurs and seasoned businessmen alike. We help our clients achieve an advanced and up-to-date business, financial and IT system, which are tailored to your specific requirements.

We specialise in financial and administrative support, offering outsourcing services of various tedious and laborious processes which are necessary for compliance with Regulatory requirements, yet rob you of the precious time required to focus on business development, new clients and market expansion.


Opes is also an official partner and representative of the Opes Kashflow bookkeeping web-based platform which in a nutshell consists of an online bookkeeping solution for small and medium enterprises, currently used by over 18,000 firms worldwide. Opes Kashflow offers a complete integrated platform for your specific bookkeeping requirements. A robust solution offering a total 360 degree view of your current business services and each of your client relationships.


Protect your ideas and safeguard your interest in your company’s inventions, designs, original copy, trademarks and other innovations, which will reap the fruit of your hard work in the future, by successfully applying for the necessary patents, designs and trademark registrations.


Keep abreast of all funding and public procurement opportunities through the acquiring of latest issued tender documents and applying for any relevant or applicable calls for interest, requests for quoting or official Tenders, private and public, within your field of business.


Design a professional business plan and acquire business intelligence in order to adopt the leanest business structure and setup through the putting in place of winning business strategies, and acquiring up to date market stats, and carrying out the necessary operational restructuring.


Ensure that your company has the necessary measures to provide reasonable assurance against errors, respond to change, review systems on a regular basis, safeguard its assets and prevent or detect fraud.


Whether your business is family run or administered solely on your own steam, it is essential to operate an orderly and efficient business, which is compliant with applicable regulations, and has the necessary controls to address risks and offers a structured and clear chain of command, increasing confidence and transparency for all stakeholders.


Make sure your business structure is implementing efficient tax solutions and is fully compliant with constantly updated tax regimes and regulations, whilst submitting timely and precise tax returns.


Keep your management one step ahead through detailed financial analysis, timely reports on financial statements prepared for internal purposes, an automatised bookkeeping system and effective budgeting to avoid surprises and capture arising opportunities.

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